DIY Dreadlock Hair Extensions


Hey! So, in an earlier post I wrote that I cut my hair really short. Then, a month later I dreaded my hair. Some of you may be asking: how?

Hair Extensions! For all those that think they cannot add hair extensions for dreads to short hair, I’m here to say: YOU CAN. And you can do it all by yourself. I did mine–front and back.

I searched all over YouTube for dreadlock extensions tutorials like an obsessed maniac until I found one I could do. I decided to go with the wrap around, at least my version of it.  ;)  I took a lock of un-wefted loose extensions, and then 1/2 wrapped it around the root of my chosen clump of hair (i didn’t do much sectioning before applying the extensions as everyone had suggested–what can I say, I’m bad at following directions to the tee. ;) ).  I basically made a “W” shape–the extension bent at the middle, surrounding my hair on both sides; and my hair sitting in the middle. From there, I began braiding (3 strand braid) until I reached the end of my hair shaft. Then I did Galapril’s twist and rip method.

The hair I used: Yaky Hollywood Hair Fantasies (for braids) by the company called Royal Imex Inc. I bought 2 packs for $2.99 each. I found that when buying hair extensions that are not dreaded, it is best to go for the type of hair used in braids. They are usually cheaper and double the length than wefted hair (hair sewn  on to a strip of material).

To get a visual of what I’m talking about, check out my Dreadlock Video Library. There, you’ll find Galapril’s video on the twist and rip technique. If you scroll down to DREADLOCK EXTENSIONS TUTORIALS you’ll also see the video tutorial that inspired my dreadlock hair extension technique. It’s the first video.

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