New Building Technology for Earth-Sheltered Homes


Hey everyone!!!

I just came across this new alternative building method for earth-sheltered homes. And it’s pretty impressive. According to the website, the materials used, polyester fibers and PET resins, are non-toxic. If this is true, this new technology may surpass Reynold’s earthship idea… well, at least in durability. Reynold’s recycling and indoor garden ideas are still #1 in my book.

This new earth-sheltered house is made with pre-fabricated modules that can be painted and decorated after assembly. The roof is strong enough for you to walk on. The “materials are highly weather resistant and suitable for all weather, 100% waterproof, nontoxic, is completely inert and harmless to humans, immune to pests, fungi and rodents”. This certainly beats out traditional houses in the US. I know in Florida, our houses have termite, waterproofing, wood rot, and sometimes mold issues.

If you want more information, here’s the link to their website: Green-House System: Earth-Sheltered Housing

Here is a fact sheet on PET resin from the PET Resin Association.